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What's this then

An interest check for a future tabletop campaign! This will rely on the use of the Valorous Foes release so uh, not for A WHILE YET, but still.

This one is set in the world of Monster Hunter, a wild world where at any given moment a giant monster can fucking trash your shit in record time. Scary!


This world is a world where monsters live and roam. People coexist with these fierce beasts, some in isolated places far from other races and some in the heart of the wilderness with what they have. Forest, plain, sea and mountain; all these places and more are inhabited, in small pockets, by different peoples.

But the world is far from safe, and people must trade. People want to understand more about the world around them. Or perhaps they simply want to live their lives in relative peace.

That is where you, and so many others, come in. You are a hunter, a person who - in some way or another - has dedicated their life to driving off monsters. Whatever you took up your weapons for, it is your duty to defend those who look to you for protection and to do what you can.

Monsters are fearsome. They spit fire, unleash claws and fangs and vile toxins upon intruders to their territories. But they can learn to respect power, to recognise those who save them, and - in some very special cases - become faithful partners to fight by your side.

The Guild and its branches acknowledge the courage of all those who become hunters. No matter your reasons, it is you and others like you who the Guild depends upon in order to fulfill the cries for help that fill Guild mailbags every day. It is you, and people like you, who defend the borders, who soothe the ordinary people, who gather information; who swallow their fears and go out to face crushing injury and the very real possibility of death.

You are a hunter. Your reasons, your motivations, how you handle the hunt - those reasons are your own.

Darkness is brewing in deep places. Monsters that have only been spoken of in legend, fairytales passed down from long ago, are starting to stir.

Whatever is happening, it falls on the shoulders of you - and your new companions - to find it. If possible, to stop it.

Can you stand against this new threat? Or will you break?

There's only one way to find out.


Name and Plurk Handle:
Character concepts: Who is your character? What is your character? Why do they beat up monsters? All that good stuff. As many concepts as you like!
Setting and Game Questions: Got any questions? Are you unfamiliar with Monster Hunter? Anything unclear? ASK AWAY, there's plenty of time!
A cool pic of your favourite monster: You can pick a monster hunter monster but you can also just pick whatever the fuck you want I'm not your mom
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What the fuck is this

It's a tabletop campaign duh

Jokes aside, this is a campaign set in the world of Shovel Knight, a rambunctious age where knights of all stripes abound, shenanigans happen, and nobody is really that sure what the technology level is??

In another place and time, this might involve the story of a certain knight who turned to simpler ways after the death of his partner, and a certain tower that rose in infamy and covered the land in darkness.

This is not that place or time so let's just skip ahead a bit.


You are a Something Knight on a journey to fight in a legendary tournament that will, if you are crowned winner, grant you your heart's desire.

However, you must have a certain charm to be entered as a legitimate participant.

Player characters can start with this charm - be sure to include how they got it in the first place.

They can also not start with a charm, and be looking for one. Mug someone for it you know you want to

Charms can be taken. Charms can be given. They can be stolen. Pried from someone's cold dead corpse, et cetera. Charms attract trouble (but thankfully the effect does not compound if multiple charms are within the same area), as if you're being tested for the right to enter.

It's much safer to travel in groups than a knight alone, despite the dangers and suspicion such a journey brings. But it begs the questions:

What will you do when the time comes for you to part?

How far are you willing to go to ensure you can obtain your heart's desire?

For if anyone knows anything about the tournament, it is this:

There can only be one winner.

Are you interested? FILL OUT THIS FORM HELLO

Name and Plurk Handle:
General availability - what times and days would you consistently be able to make game?:
Character concepts: GIMME YOUR KNIGHTS. Go into as little or as much detail as you like. Do they have real names? Do they not? What is their deepest darkest 'i would absolutely shank a motherfucker' heart's desire?
Setting and Game Questions: Do you have any questions? I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER.
One fact about the tournament in question:
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Golden Sun Valor: Legend of the Wind

Four adepts set out on a journey hired by an enthusiastic scholar to further probe the mysteries of the Elemental Rocks, document anything interesting they find and look for supernatural phenomena along the way.

The wind is rising. Who knows what the new day will bring?

Into Dreams (Kirby, Valor system)

The dreams of the stars are being extinguished one by one. With nothing to balance them, nightmares are beginning to bleed into the waking world. The fountains that run over with dreams are now crawling with half-remembered horrors; planet after planet is going dark, their citizens captives of their own bad dreams.

But sometimes, the darkness produces light. At the heart of every person is a hero, waiting to wake up.

All it needs is the right spark.

A campaign about dreams, nightmares and the power of hope.

FUCK IF I KNOW (Shovel Knight, Valor system)

You're a knight on your way to a tournament. The winner will be granted their heart's desire.


Of course, it might not be that easy to get there. For, you see, only a limited amount of people can enter. And only those who hold a special charm will be accepted.

The charm can be taken, given, destroyed. It can be pried from cold fingers. It can be stolen. The charm cannot be hidden. It can't be faked. It calls trouble down on its holder's heads, as if daring them to prove that they're truly worthy to enter.

What would you do, given the opportunity of a lifetime? What is your heart's desire?

What would you do for it?

Valor No 9: Fight for the Future (It's better than nothing.jpg, Valor system)

You are a robot. You fight, and fight. That's all you do.

But maybe, deep down inside...

Don't you want something more than that?

Each of you has a hidden desire. It burns you up inside. It's a new feeling that everyone takes differently.

It's not supposed to happen. You weren't built to feel this way. You were built to imitate a personality, not to have one.

But now you do. Now it's happening, whether you want it to or not.

And you're stuck in a vicious gauntlet where, more often than not, the winner takes all, and the loser is spare parts.

Your new feelings might be a boon to you. They might just be a weakness, a flaw. They might be something you think nothing of, or something you think everything of.

But you know this for sure: you always recognise others like you.

You are not alone.

But what will you do with it?
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monster hunter but with an added alchemy system/resource gathering element to allow characters to have a slightly higher level of tech (being able to synthesize, analyse and build more advanced structures and devices from monster parts and ingredients with traditional cauldron alchemy and copying/salvaging/repairing bits and pieces from unearthed ruins.

-character concepts would be able to pull from ancient civilisation technology, but they'd have to be very old and in some cases in need of repair, like robots)

synthesising itself can be handwaved but characters will at least need to log out grabbing what they need/traveling out/being accosted by weather or monsters or what have you. ingredients are rarely in places that can be easily gathered- characters need to bring along appropriate tools to harvest, climb trees, fight off monsters who are threatening to eat them, etc.

Alchemists are able to make new items to help with the hunt; think dust of life, steam bombs, etc. Portable powders, edibles, bombs, and such to help hunters' quality of life while they're out traveling. They can also help expand the town with their inventions and such, as well as make medicine.

Even making food with alchemy is possible (though you might have to fight the cooks for ingredients...)

characters would be braving wild seasonal weather (the setting concept so far is a tropical rainforest basin surrounded by mountains) and monsters to build and expand a frontier town in the wilderness

naturally, they'd be hunting and discovering new monsters (canon ones from the MH games will be present, but there will be a way to submit 'evidence' such as behaviour, tracks, things a monster has left behind, etc for new monsters that will be catalogued and eventually result in an encounter with a player-created monster)

-there would need to be a dedicated mod for NPCing monster encounters on player request and for events

they'd also be exploring and changing the terrain, making it easier for supplies to be sent back and forth or airships to dock rather than dropping characters via ladder as well as establishing contact with other people who might happen to be in this unexplored land (monster riders, other hunters, lynians, etc)

blueprints, ancient tech and other remains of ancient civilisation can be discovered

so basically low fantasy adventure and SoL exploration game

no network, since characters are all crammed in the same place together.

AC would be at least one finished 'major' log a month (whether it's hunting big game, exploring, treasure hunting, spelunking, gathering ingredients, etc.) and evidence (threads with a comment count?) that the character was also doing something else, like small monster hunters or basic gathering or like TALKING TO PEOPLE OR RESTING; small hunts can be handwaved

finished logs can be cashed in at AC time to build structures. each log = 1 quest, and each structure depending on complexity and size is worth a certain amount of quests and in some cases requires certain monsters to be logged in a hunt, so people can cooperate to build important structures quickly

-structures are logged under 'personal' or 'town': either characters can put their quests into something they personally want, or use it to contribute to building the town.

-other characters can use their AC points to help others!

area maps will indicate where ingredient types can be found for alchemy/building + what monsters are likely to be found there as well as monster behaviour for that month changing what's available

rarer ingredients = stronger monsters = characters travel farther to reach an area

characters can be shopkeepers! each ingredient type and rarity tier will have an estimate of income for selling; characters who want to sell weapons or armor have similar estimates

the guild pays out a similar estimate per fortnight/month?? of time spent in the frontier town and pays extra for quests completed, so characters have a vague estimate of money and players don't necessarily have to number crunch because down that way madness lies

can use their zenny to buy or request certain things from the caravan that comes fortnightly, like creature comforts, personal effects from home, etc. paying for shipping costs, essentially. they can also commission certain equipment or pay for assistants that will become player-hired NPCs that the player will 'control' to some degree (ie, a felyne sous chef for a character who is a cook, or a young wyverian assistant who's trained as a blacksmith for weapons manufacture).

travel times are important - characters may spend a whole month out of town and unreachable if they travel far enough, or they want to spend time out to make contact with new villages

new characters apping into the game, depending on backstory, can be introduced through other people's quests and not just through fortnightly/monthly caravan dump

monthly mod posts will include special missions from the guild or event hunts that involve more than the usual 4-man quest (such as an event log to drive off a giant monster threatening to crush the town)

"I would say, rate each monster with 1 - 5 stars worth of difficulty, and players need to have fought x many 1monsters to qualify for 2 and so on

Do one 1star to qualify for 2stars, and then maybe 2 more 1stars or one 2star to qualify for 3stars, and so on

But no repeat monsters allowed

So you do all that and then hit the high rank wall at 5 * or something"

monster urgents are grouped by people waiting to rank up - processed monthly

Characters need a hunting log/thread tracker that keeps track of what they've hunted so far/their rank

Areas are rated with a danger meter of 0 to however many stars, to signify the strength of the monsters in that area and the danger level of the area. Characters can sneak out without the appropriate star levels, but the monster mod will take care of NPCing encounters at that level.

A character's equipment and weapon has a value in [x weeks of income] and is rated by quality tier. Assumed upkeep unless stated otherwise.

Characters can issue their own quests on the notice board, description, title and all, or simply ask other characters to help them. They're allowed to pick from what monsters are currently known to be available if they want a target quest, but mostly picking areas and asking for help with items/small monster slaying/etc will work fine.

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