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STRIKE THE EARTH - a Shovel Knight Valor game

What the fuck is this

It's a tabletop campaign duh

Jokes aside, this is a campaign set in the world of Shovel Knight, a rambunctious age where knights of all stripes abound, shenanigans happen, and nobody is really that sure what the technology level is??

In another place and time, this might involve the story of a certain knight who turned to simpler ways after the death of his partner, and a certain tower that rose in infamy and covered the land in darkness.

This is not that place or time so let's just skip ahead a bit.


You are a Something Knight on a journey to fight in a legendary tournament that will, if you are crowned winner, grant you your heart's desire.

However, you must have a certain charm to be entered as a legitimate participant.

Player characters can start with this charm - be sure to include how they got it in the first place.

They can also not start with a charm, and be looking for one. Mug someone for it you know you want to

Charms can be taken. Charms can be given. They can be stolen. Pried from someone's cold dead corpse, et cetera. Charms attract trouble (but thankfully the effect does not compound if multiple charms are within the same area), as if you're being tested for the right to enter.

It's much safer to travel in groups than a knight alone, despite the dangers and suspicion such a journey brings. But it begs the questions:

What will you do when the time comes for you to part?

How far are you willing to go to ensure you can obtain your heart's desire?

For if anyone knows anything about the tournament, it is this:

There can only be one winner.

Are you interested? FILL OUT THIS FORM HELLO

Name and Plurk Handle:
General availability - what times and days would you consistently be able to make game?:
Character concepts: GIMME YOUR KNIGHTS. Go into as little or as much detail as you like. Do they have real names? Do they not? What is their deepest darkest 'i would absolutely shank a motherfucker' heart's desire?
Setting and Game Questions: Do you have any questions? I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER.
One fact about the tournament in question:
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[personal profile] nyanface 2016-11-09 06:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Name/plurk: Kat, Nyanface

Availability: weekday nights that aren't Friday, weekends are unclear for me (usually I work afternoon to closing)

Character concepts: Bucket Knight! A scarecrow turned training dummy turned best friend of a little farmer girl, Bucket Knight was brought to life by the young girl's love. He goes on a mission to save her from a rare and deadly illness, searching the land for a cure.

Question: this poor boy will be made out of sticks and hay and farming utensils... exactly how versatile a fighter does he have to be lmao

One fact: the mastermind behind the tournament has never been seen, nor are their motives clear; a billion different myths have popped up about them as a result
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[personal profile] nyanface 2016-11-10 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
This actually reminds me of Climber from that stupidly popular DeviantArt contest where everyone's OCs battled to the death in "EndZone"

Basically, I'm thinking to maybe have him be fast, light, and fluffy, and able to be put back together even if he falls apart quite literally at the seams.

Also he'll probably switch from wielding a broom to wielding something more stabby like a farmer's scythe or a pitchfork if it comes down to it.
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[personal profile] nyanface 2016-11-10 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Poor boy doesn't want to hurt anyone, he just wants them to stop fighting him. If that involves broom whacks then so be it.
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[personal profile] yubishines 2016-11-09 07:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Name and Plurk: Van, piratopteryx

Availability: Can't do Thursday and Friday evenings (EST). Depending on if this is a text or voice game, I also may not be able to do Weds. Otherwise I should be okay.

Character concepts:
Mouse Knight (alternate: Hare Knight, Jackalope Knight). Not an anthropomorphized animal-person or even a larger version of a mouse. It's a mouse-sized talking mouse in a suit of armor, who can still throw down with the best of them. Mouse Knight came from a colony of mice (or warren of rabbits) that is being threatened by some kind of natural disaster or plague, which all of Mouse Knight's personal physical strength can't fix.

Alternately, if it is believed that Heart's Desire can bring back the dead, then the colony has been wiped out (watership-down style, by some human construction site), and Mouse Knight's quest is to bring them back.

Setting and Game Questions: See above - asking if there are ~genie wish rules~ that confirm whether resurrection is a thing or not.

One fact about the tournament in question: It is rumoured that one of the rival competitors is a previous winner. How is this possible, and what more could that person possibly want, if they already found their heart's desire?
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[personal profile] deepdreamdiver 2016-11-09 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Kasu | [ profile] kaosblaze
Availability: Work is a little spotty, and I have games (currently) on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings, and Sunday noons (in PST). But I can make it work.
Character concepts:
--Split Knight: Actually Twins Stuffed Into A Suit Of Armor who can detach and scurry around for companion shenanigans. Their charm was passed down by their dad, and they quest to fulfill their heart's desire, which is to honor their father's dying wish. Their father was a legendary knight in his own regard who also quested for the tournament, but failed. The twins are young and rambunctious, but a little naive in the ways of the world.

--Beat Knight: A warrior from a faraway land who doesn't speak the common tongue. Their weapon is a versatile set of drums and mallets that they use to either beat down anybody in their way, or deafen them with pure sound. They don't have a charm, but they're looking to steal one from anybody in their way.

Questions: nah i'm good
A Tournament Fact: It's the gathering of charms into one central location that allows for the granting of a heart's desire. Everything else is just superficial trappings created by savvy entrepreneurs.
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[personal profile] wrongedwright 2016-11-10 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
Name and Plurk Handle: Sven, [ profile] svensational
Availability: Currently Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights are looking dicey, but any other days are probably good. If this is a text game there may be more wiggle room.
Character Concept: Drill Knight, a gruff, older man who comes from a town on one of the nearby mountains, in which they've created an elaborate underground network of tunnels. Once one of the miners who dug the tunnels, he earned his reputation by fighting off the wilderness and those who would try to ransack the town for their precious stones - often with his expandable handheld drill. Was betrothed to "Flower Knight" - his former mentor, rival, and partner, who saved him by dueling a wicked knight in his stead, at the cost of her own life. May or may not already have found his charm, or may be going to the tournament to hunt down the one that killed his betrothed and take their charm. POSSIBLY HAS THE CHARM BUT ALSO WANTS TO FIGHT STILL? idk. Their greatest desire is to bring Flower Knight back for one last day (so they can get married)
Questions: Nah.
One fact about the tournament in question: Once you obtain a charm, you are invariably linked to someone who possesses a charm attuned opposite yours, and that you're fated to meet in the competition - up until the point someone swipes your charm from you, that is.
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[personal profile] callmewing 2016-11-10 04:53 am (UTC)(link)
Name and Plurk Handle: Wing | [ profile] wingus
Availability: Weekends or bust, unless games were to start around 10PM EST weeknights? Working night shift is suffering for social interaction.
Character concepts: CROSS KNIGHT - bootleg Kamen Rider W. Two dudes, one body, used to be two knights, Element Knight and Martial Knight. Now stuck in one body by BAD MAGIC, they seek to be returned to their original selves as their greatest desire. Probably have not found their charm, will not steal one though.

BRUSH KNIGHT - bluh bluh artist knight bootleg okami shit

PUNCH KNIGHT - she big, she punch

HUNTER KNIGHT - she have gun

HAMMER KNIGHT - ONCE A MAN now bonded to his armor to save his life, more metal than mortal. Fights to protect the town whose peril cost him his humanity, yet seems to have more of it than the average person. Unsurmountable courage, and has the heart of a lion. Greatest desire is to rid the world of evil or something idk.
Questions: Are you cool with rolling with A COMPLETE AND TOTAL VALOR NEWBIE
One fact about the tournament in question: there is one knight searching to elminate those who have taken on the power of the Dark Knight WITH THE HELP OF BROTHER KNIGHT
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[personal profile] supremeruler 2016-11-10 08:48 am (UTC)(link)
Name and Plurk: Ric - [ profile] cosmowave
Availability: Any day's fine for me. My hours are a bit out of whack but I should be able to make whatever time is settled on.
Character Concept: Scholar Knight, student of magic and librarian slash guard at the greatest repository of knowledge on the continent. She uses her large personal collection of grimoires to cast spells (and also whack people with in a pinch). A persnickety perfectionist who looks down on those less learned than herself, which is to say everyone, her heart's desire is to get her hands on a mythical tome that contains all the world's knowledge. She seized her charm from a patron of the library to settle the poor sap's mountain of late fees.
Questions: Nothing comes to mind, but I'd like to note that I am also new to this so please be gentle?
A Tournament Fact: Alongside their magical qualities, the charms also attract trouble by being really ostentatiously shiny and valuable. Those who covet them without knowing their true value inevitably meet an unfortunate fate.