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[community profile] maskormenace

Magicman.EXE | Rockman.EXE | [personal profile] hypnotherapy

Vivi Ornitier | Final Fantasy IX | [personal profile] alreadyhuman

[community profile] empatheias

Roll | Rockman Megamix/Gigamix | [personal profile] steamroll


Skull Man | Rockman Megamix | [personal profile] bonely

Gentleman Ghost | DC Comics (pre-new 52) | [personal profile] accursedunlife

Dark Sun Gwyndolin | Dark Souls | [personal profile] illusun

Alt Drifter | Hyper Light Drifter | [personal profile] meleesphere

The Drifter | Hyper Light Drifter | [personal profile] hyperlight

Bastion | Overwatch | [personal profile] shieldrobot

Tekartha Zenyatta | Overwatch | [personal profile] discorb

Elecman.EXE | Megaman Battle Network | [personal profile] electrostatics

Frisk | Undertale | [personal profile] savesomething

Fireman.EXE | Megaman Battle Network | [personal profile] gunhands

Ara Haan (Asura) | Elsword | [personal profile] asuara

Fumikage Tokoyami | My Hero Academia | [personal profile] wingedshadow

Zero | Megaman X | [personal profile] zeroic

Soundwave | Transformers Prime | [personal profile] anechoic

Iwakura Lain | Serial Experiments Lain | [personal profile] connectivity

Magicman.EXE (AU) | Megaman Battle Network | [personal profile] magicquotes

Isaac Bowin (The Fiddler) | DC Comics | [personal profile] hypnosymphony

Isaac Bowin (CNC2020 AU) | DC Comics | [personal profile] acciaccato

Alberto Falcone (Holiday) | DC Comics | [personal profile] darkholiday

Mami Tomoe | Puella Magi Madoka Magica | [personal profile] muskettear

Peacock | Skullgirls | [personal profile] paintsthetownred

Kimimaro Yoga | C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control | [personal profile] aboughtfuture

Blitzwing | Transformers Animated | [personal profile] blitzbrain

Lord Sunday | Keys to the Kingdom | [personal profile] gtfomygarden

Monday | Keys to the Kingdom | [personal profile] sleepchained

Isaac Bowin (hero AU) | DC Comics | [personal profile] scatenato

Jonathan Crane (The Scarecrow) | DC Comics | [personal profile] crownotcrane

Iwamine Shuu | Hatoful Boyfriend | [personal profile] chasingshadows

Parasoul | Skullgirls | [personal profile] canopyprincess

Nightbeat | Transformers IDW | [personal profile] autodetective

Sirius | Bomberman 64 | [personal profile] stellartraitor

Jervis Tetch | Batman: TAS | [personal profile] notmyalice

Alex Merkel/"Junior" (Bioshock AU) | DC Comics | [personal profile] juniorsister

Moist von Lipwig | Discworld | [personal profile] notachosenname

Blitzwing | Transformers Animated | [personal profile] shatterbrained

Anselm | Salem | [personal profile] divinearbalest

Cyclonus | Transformers IDW | [personal profile] disillusionedloyalist

Knockout | Transformers Prime | [personal profile] goodforpartsonly

Mr Wines | Fallen London | [personal profile] oenologist

Black Waltz No 3 | Final Fantasy IX | [personal profile] simpletripletime

Magolor | Kirby's Return to Dreamland | [personal profile] halcandran

Anarky/Lonnie Machin | DC Comics | [personal profile] anarkist

Dusknoir | Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky | [personal profile] falsehooded

Genos | One-Punch Man | [personal profile] syborg

Zer0 | Borderlands 2 | [personal profile] dullsilence

Elecman | Megaman Classic (Ariga) | [personal profile] sacrificialdevice

Heatman.EXE | Rockman.EXE | [personal profile] heatstamped

Kel'Thuzad | Warcraft | [personal profile] curiositydies

Klonoa | Klonoa | [personal profile] dreambreeze

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing | BlazBlue | [personal profile] valkenhound

Valkenhayn (younger) | [personal profile] rasenwolf

Plague Knight | Shovel Knight | [personal profile] vitallyvitriolic

Yorda | ICO | [personal profile] youwerethere

Penny Polendina | RWBY | [personal profile] shortchange

Professor Alba (AU) | Trails in the Sky | [personal profile] albandoned

Professor Weissman | Trails in the Sky | [personal profile] fadetoweiss

WX-78 | Don't Starve | [personal profile] brokenempathy

Count Bleck/Blumiere | Super Paper Mario | [personal profile] voidedpromise

Dimentio | Super Paper Mario | [personal profile] voidedheart

Lindel | Ancient Magus Bride | [personal profile] tiliai


Lynn Idle | [personal profile] inidlehands

Pieter Guillerme | Changeling The Lost | [personal profile] aninnocentdeath

Harpelynn | Echo Bazaar/Fallen London | [personal profile] destringed

Sterope | [personal profile] androgynoid

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