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MY EVERYDAY LIFE - a Monster Hunter Valor game

What's this then

An interest check for a future tabletop campaign! This will rely on the use of the Valorous Foes release so uh, not for A WHILE YET, but still.

This one is set in the world of Monster Hunter, a wild world where at any given moment a giant monster can fucking trash your shit in record time. Scary!


This world is a world where monsters live and roam. People coexist with these fierce beasts, some in isolated places far from other races and some in the heart of the wilderness with what they have. Forest, plain, sea and mountain; all these places and more are inhabited, in small pockets, by different peoples.

But the world is far from safe, and people must trade. People want to understand more about the world around them. Or perhaps they simply want to live their lives in relative peace.

That is where you, and so many others, come in. You are a hunter, a person who - in some way or another - has dedicated their life to driving off monsters. Whatever you took up your weapons for, it is your duty to defend those who look to you for protection and to do what you can.

Monsters are fearsome. They spit fire, unleash claws and fangs and vile toxins upon intruders to their territories. But they can learn to respect power, to recognise those who save them, and - in some very special cases - become faithful partners to fight by your side.

The Guild and its branches acknowledge the courage of all those who become hunters. No matter your reasons, it is you and others like you who the Guild depends upon in order to fulfill the cries for help that fill Guild mailbags every day. It is you, and people like you, who defend the borders, who soothe the ordinary people, who gather information; who swallow their fears and go out to face crushing injury and the very real possibility of death.

You are a hunter. Your reasons, your motivations, how you handle the hunt - those reasons are your own.

Darkness is brewing in deep places. Monsters that have only been spoken of in legend, fairytales passed down from long ago, are starting to stir.

Whatever is happening, it falls on the shoulders of you - and your new companions - to find it. If possible, to stop it.

Can you stand against this new threat? Or will you break?

There's only one way to find out.


Name and Plurk Handle:
Character concepts: Who is your character? What is your character? Why do they beat up monsters? All that good stuff. As many concepts as you like!
Setting and Game Questions: Got any questions? Are you unfamiliar with Monster Hunter? Anything unclear? ASK AWAY, there's plenty of time!
A cool pic of your favourite monster: You can pick a monster hunter monster but you can also just pick whatever the fuck you want I'm not your mom
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Name: Duo, [ profile] duotastic
Character concepts: Kanri, the aggressively affectionate and overprotective Team Mom. From Moga, uses a Switch Axe, and deathly afraid of Remobras. She lost her mother to an ocean monster that capsized her ship; while she isn't sure what it was, it inspired her to do her best to ensure no one else endures that kind of loss. Might change based on the other team members but she's based on the hunter I came up with for the games...cries
Setting and Game Questions: i have no idea how valor works lol
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[personal profile] theguindo 2016-11-11 06:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Name and Plurk Handle: The Guindo, [ profile] ninjarobotclone
Character concepts: Vojtech, a seasoned veteran hunter from Loc Lac who just really enjoys being a hunter. In fact he enjoys it so much that when his wife accused him of loving hunting more than his family, he realized she was right and...chose hunting. He's been estranged from his wife for more than a decade and his son is now a teenager that Vojtech sees a handful of times a year and has no idea how to talk to.

Ironically, he falls very naturally into the role of team dad in a hunting group. Laid-back but taciturn, makes sure his fellow hunters are taken care of if they screw up but still sighs about it, and chock full of valuable life lessons and unfunny jokes. Uses a hammer, occasionally picks up a bow but mainly just collects them and tells himself he'll use it this time, really, no but for real this time.

Setting and Game Questions: What's our basic setup? Traveling from city to city, hanging out in one city, sent by the guild on an exploratory caravan into the wilderness, other? Are abilities primarily gear-based - actives per weapon and passives per armour, I'd assume? Do level-ups occur via armour/weapon upgrades? Basically consider this a catch-all "how are you translating MH into Valour to preserve the conceit of MH?" question.

A cool pic of your favourite monster:
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[personal profile] theguindo 2016-11-12 05:40 am (UTC)(link)
Cool cool! I can probably offer some advice on it but uhhh i would need to actually familiarize myself with chargen in Valor first lmao

what you could do is let people build a set of passives for the armour they have, and give them the ability to like, bank EXP for a new armour set that totally switches around their passives. Banked EXP is basically a stand-in for collecing parts. They'd sacrifice EXP toward level but gain the ability to swap out skillsets between scenes via character changing armour.
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Name and Plurk Handle: Leriel, [ profile] AngelLeriel

Character concepts: Mieme, a wandering hunter with a bit of an attitude. For her, hunting is as much about seeing new places (and monsters) as it is about protecting them (and hunting them) - half of the reason she started her apprenticeship was so she could have an excuse to leave town someday. She's more than a little cocky and rarely considers the possibility that things might not go her way until after it's already FUBAR'd. Honestly, it's a miracle she's not dead yet.

Born and raised in Yukumo, she's a light bowgunner specializing in trick shots and status ailments. (Terrible sniper, though. Doesn't have the patience for it.) Probably the youngest person on the team, and barring any Total Newbie hunters the least experienced. She's an endless well of confidence and energy and optimism, but she really, really needs to get knocked out of the "I'm immortal and nothing can touch me" phase before she gets herself or someone else killed - dumb luck is only gonna last her so long.

Setting and Game Questions: Nothing at the moment!