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STRIKE THE EARTH - a Shovel Knight Valor game

What the fuck is this

It's a tabletop campaign duh

Jokes aside, this is a campaign set in the world of Shovel Knight, a rambunctious age where knights of all stripes abound, shenanigans happen, and nobody is really that sure what the technology level is??

In another place and time, this might involve the story of a certain knight who turned to simpler ways after the death of his partner, and a certain tower that rose in infamy and covered the land in darkness.

This is not that place or time so let's just skip ahead a bit.


You are a Something Knight on a journey to fight in a legendary tournament that will, if you are crowned winner, grant you your heart's desire.

However, you must have a certain charm to be entered as a legitimate participant.

Player characters can start with this charm - be sure to include how they got it in the first place.

They can also not start with a charm, and be looking for one. Mug someone for it you know you want to

Charms can be taken. Charms can be given. They can be stolen. Pried from someone's cold dead corpse, et cetera. Charms attract trouble (but thankfully the effect does not compound if multiple charms are within the same area), as if you're being tested for the right to enter.

It's much safer to travel in groups than a knight alone, despite the dangers and suspicion such a journey brings. But it begs the questions:

What will you do when the time comes for you to part?

How far are you willing to go to ensure you can obtain your heart's desire?

For if anyone knows anything about the tournament, it is this:

There can only be one winner.

Are you interested? FILL OUT THIS FORM HELLO

Name and Plurk Handle:
General availability - what times and days would you consistently be able to make game?:
Character concepts: GIMME YOUR KNIGHTS. Go into as little or as much detail as you like. Do they have real names? Do they not? What is their deepest darkest 'i would absolutely shank a motherfucker' heart's desire?
Setting and Game Questions: Do you have any questions? I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER.
One fact about the tournament in question:

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