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Golden Sun Valor: Legend of the Wind

Four adepts set out on a journey hired by an enthusiastic scholar to further probe the mysteries of the Elemental Rocks, document anything interesting they find and look for supernatural phenomena along the way.

The wind is rising. Who knows what the new day will bring?

Into Dreams (Kirby, Valor system)

The dreams of the stars are being extinguished one by one. With nothing to balance them, nightmares are beginning to bleed into the waking world. The fountains that run over with dreams are now crawling with half-remembered horrors; planet after planet is going dark, their citizens captives of their own bad dreams.

But sometimes, the darkness produces light. At the heart of every person is a hero, waiting to wake up.

All it needs is the right spark.

A campaign about dreams, nightmares and the power of hope.

FUCK IF I KNOW (Shovel Knight, Valor system)

You're a knight on your way to a tournament. The winner will be granted their heart's desire.


Of course, it might not be that easy to get there. For, you see, only a limited amount of people can enter. And only those who hold a special charm will be accepted.

The charm can be taken, given, destroyed. It can be pried from cold fingers. It can be stolen. The charm cannot be hidden. It can't be faked. It calls trouble down on its holder's heads, as if daring them to prove that they're truly worthy to enter.

What would you do, given the opportunity of a lifetime? What is your heart's desire?

What would you do for it?

Valor No 9: Fight for the Future (It's better than nothing.jpg, Valor system)

You are a robot. You fight, and fight. That's all you do.

But maybe, deep down inside...

Don't you want something more than that?

Each of you has a hidden desire. It burns you up inside. It's a new feeling that everyone takes differently.

It's not supposed to happen. You weren't built to feel this way. You were built to imitate a personality, not to have one.

But now you do. Now it's happening, whether you want it to or not.

And you're stuck in a vicious gauntlet where, more often than not, the winner takes all, and the loser is spare parts.

Your new feelings might be a boon to you. They might just be a weakness, a flaw. They might be something you think nothing of, or something you think everything of.

But you know this for sure: you always recognise others like you.

You are not alone.

But what will you do with it?

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